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Faith Formation

For High School age and Up




Lifelong Learning


Adult Ed ClassFaith formation is a gift of the Holy Spirit that

continues throughout life. This truth shapes the

ELCA’s understanding and practice of educating in

the faith for vocation. A teaching and learning church

invites the baptized of all ages from infants to older

adults—into a continuous discipline of learning and

faith formation.
As Christians mature in their knowledge and

experience in the world, their faith also should

deepen and mature. If their knowledge of the faith

fails to keep up with their knowledge of the world,

then their under­standing of God will be affected. As
people grow older, a changing world presents new

questions and dilemmas to them, and based on their

continuing life experience, they raise new questions

about their world and faith. Continued growth and

learning in the faith enable Christians to see how

their faith gives direction and sheds light on their

changing lives.
Because learning and being formed in the faith are

lifelong opportunities and tasks, the ELCA urges

Christians throughout their lives to assume personal

responsibility to grow in their faith by:

  • deepening their relationship with God through
    worship and prayer;
  • maturing in their knowledge of the Bible and the
    Church’s doctrines;
  • learning by doing, practicing their faith in daily
    living, service, and justice;
  • learning and using the art and skills of speaking
    the truth in love and discerning together the
    gospel’s meaning for life; and
  • connecting their baptismal vocation and their
    specific callings in daily life.

Where adults are vigorous learners in the faith,

children and young people will have models and

companions for their own learning, adults will learn

from children and young people, and all generations

will grow together in their faith.


From “Our Calling in Education,”  
ELCA Social Statement on Education, 2011



Adult Bible Study - Food and Fellowship at 10:30,

Sunday mornings, followed by Faith Formation

time in the East Alcove at 10:45am






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SERVICES: Sunday morning 9:30 AM


ADULT BIBLE STUDIES: Sunday morning 10:45 AM



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